Thing 4 – update

Since my previous post on Thing 4, I have acquired one follower (exciting!) and made my first tweet. Roughly speaking, my strategy is to post reflections about my research, new developments in the field, conferences, etc, while trying to engage other people or organisations working in the same area. The overall purpose is for the […]

Thing 4

I confess that I have so far lived in the digital stone age and am completely new to Twitter. Having spent quite some time scratching my head about whether or not Twitter would be helpful for me professionally, I finally decided to give it a go under my real name. I couldn’t be bothered with […]

Thing 3

This week’s theme is bibliometrics. I have set up a Google Scholar profile which was easy enough. However, I am not sure what the added value of this profile is for me personally. What does this profile do that a well-maintained personal website does not? I was intrigued by Helen’s suggestion to create a WordPress […]

Thing 2

This week’s blog is about my online identity. I am in two minds about this. On the one hand, I am still sceptical about putting too much information about myself on the web. On the other hand, I acknowledge that people will often consult Google to find out more about myself, so taking control (to […]

Thing 1

This blog traces my exploration of the digital technologies. I hope to identify  tools that are helpful for my research and career development and to develop a strategy how to use them. As regards blogs, I think I won’t start my own blog about my research for three reasons: (1) time constraints; (2) I feel […]